samples of work by MFA and BA student designers at the university of iowa

production photos are seen throughout the theatre arts website and in a selection of show archives

for specific design information, contact eric

Josh Christoffersen design for The Three Sisters Crescendo, Mainstage '14 Crescendo, Mainstage '14 Pocketful of Sand, Theatre B Speed of Light, NPF '14 The Imaginary Invalid, Mainstage '13 Andrew Nelsen design for Romeo et Juliette New Play Festival '13 Maylan Thomas' design for Antigone Kevin Loeffler's Design for Stick Fly Jennifere Lynn Tillapaugh's design for In the Night Woyzeck New Play Festival 2011 Amanda Helland's design for Urinetown Project Design '14 ProjectDesign Come and Go, Fall 12 Antigone, Fall 12 Antigone Two Rooms dry back to top Amanda Helland's design for The Book of Liz Copenhagen Achilles The Miser Medea back to top Viz Work Kristen Campbell Jess Fialko back to top Death of a Salesman
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