university of iowa  |  e.c. mabie theatre  |  october 2015

john cameron, director  |  loyce a. arthur, costumes  |  bryon winn, lighting & projections

"American Idiot" Top of Show "American Idiot" "American Idiot" "American Idiot" Heading to the 7-11 At the 7-11 Heather confirms she is pregnant Road Trip On the Bus On the Bus Johnny meets Whatername "Favorite Son" Enlistees dressing in uniforms St. Jimmy enters from the traps Johnny kisses Whatername Johnny & St. Jimmy w/ live video Johnny & St. Jimmy w/ live video Tunny flies with silks Tunny flies with silks St. Jimmy and his 15' puppet Whatername and Friends "21 Guns" The Death of St. Jimmy Finale Full Cast, Curtain Call SR wall detail SL wall detail
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