fulton theatre    |    lancaster, pennsylvania    |    2010    |    charles abbott, director

Act One
Unit Set
Act One
Act Two
Act One
End of Act One
Act Two
Act Two
Unit Set Sketchup Model of Deathtrap
download PDF of final vw-drafting package [8.5 mb] back to top
download PDF of furniture layout [120 kb]
1/4" model
1/4" model 1/4" model
preliminary sketches & plans | 1.23.10 download PDF of 1.23.10 sketches [5.1 mb]
furniture & weapons not represented in this package download PDF of 1.23.10 gps [3.5 mb]
Sketch A Ground Plan A
Sketch B Ground Plan B
Sketch C Ground Plan C
preliminary research | 1.18.10  
download PDF [1.9 mb]
Walls & Beams Research Walls & Beams Research
Exterior Door & Trellis Research Curtains & Windows Research
Fireplace Research Desk Research
Other Furniture Research Room Three Research
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Room Two Research Room One Research
Weapons Research Houdini Research'
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