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associate designer
USITT USA national exhibition

susan tsu, artistic director    |    william bloodgood, designer

2 years of work on design, graphic design, preparations & logistics    |    june 2011 in residence for 21 days in prague

PQ Montana Team The Exhibit upon arrival
Setup Paint Notes
Rigging the Ceiling Ready for Opening
Projection Wall
American Idiot Milk & Honey Japanese Performance
Exhibit Hall Japanese Performance
Norway Columbian Exhibit
Is this Fred or Ginger? Tram
Charles Most Praha
The Hugging Cube Act 4 Act Four
Act Four Act Four Act Four
Act Four
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Logo Logo

graphic design
USITT USA exhibition logo
& variations used for the exhibit,
website, press releases,
brochures, t-shirts et al

Floor Logistics Shipping Logistics
exhibit layout & initial shipping container visualization

large format graphic design


customized labels
for each production in the exhibit

post card designs
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Credit Panel
more graphic design
for posters within the exhibit
Exhibit Loadin Photo Mounting
setup at the university of montana [missoula] in january 2011 photo mounting & panel layout
xhibit Loadin Photo Mounting
Pat Oleszko Inflattable xhibit Loadin
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